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Competition between service providers fighting for subscribers has reached its peak. The price does not seem to be anymore the key factor for subscribers who are more interested in the scope of services the providers can offer.

STEP LOGIC ASIA holds leading position in various services implementation solutions on the base of service providers’ platform. Investment optimization on backbone network’s development is the distinctive feature of conceptions offered by STEP LOGIC ASIA.

Experience in PSN building in combination with knowledge of international service providers’ operating procedures let STEP LOGIC ASIA be one of the most skilled and professional players of telecommunication market.

We are delighted to offer the full range of PSN services to our clients.
  • Design, building, installation, and commissioning of wireless telephony and radio-relay fiber optic communications connection;
  • Business consulting on new services’ development for fixed and mobile service providers;
  • Turn key projects on multi service networks development;
  • Adaptation of the existing backbone networks to service providers’ standard requirements through step-by-step modernization;
  • Implementation of integrated optimization programs for existing transport communication channels;
  • Integration of second level networks with backbone grids for a broadband access;
  • Development and introduction of services packages for ARPU increase of broadband networks’ subscribers;
  • Implementation of Step NGN services helps to optimize provider service network and to facilitate new telephony services’ development and communication channels’ utilization;
  • Implementation of Step FMC Program, aimed at services packages’ assurance from PSTN providers to mobile subscribers.

Experience in PSN building together with various authorizations granted by global leading manufacturers let STEP LOGIC ASIA develop up-to-date high-tech solutions meeting all Customers’ requirements.

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