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Engineering systems

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Modern building is a sophisticated complex of various engineering systems.

And if these systems are integrated and offer scalability you have an “intellectual building” as a result.

Intellectual building is a new approach to organize the building accommodation support aimed at increasing efficiency and reliability of the services provided by such buildings.

A proper design of accommodation support ES should cope with:
  • Economic issues: reducing the costs of adaptation and maintenance (total ownership costs);
  • Functionality issues: providing personnel and visitors comfort, increasing business processes efficiency etc;
  • Communication issues: providing appropriate access of personnel and visitors to the information infrastructure of the building;
  • Security issues: ability of services and subsystems of the building to deal with contingencies, and upon their commencement - to minimize human and material loss.
Generally, an “intellectual” building is expected to have the following support systems:
  • Computerized accommodation management system;
  • Common structured cable system;
  • Power supply system;
  • Air conditioning and venting system;
  • Water and heat supply system;
  • Local area network;
  • Time registration system;
  • Computerized Branch Exchange (PBX);
  • Collective TV receiver and local broadcasting means;
  • Security system.

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