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In response to ever growing market demands for reliable data storage systems, ensuring continuous availability and rapid full recovery, STEP LOGIC ASIA develops innovative software-hardware solutions for Data Storage centers.

STEP LOGIC ASIA is ready to offer a wide range of solutions from existing data center optimization up to development of a new large-scale storage center.

STEP LOGIC ASIA advanced solution make data traffic within a storage system via urban and WAN networks (or SAN extensions) more rapid, safe and efficient. This is extremely important for successful system recovery in case of failure and remote tape backup.

Special attention is given to the distributed data processing systems of WAAS – (Wide Area Application Services) type. WAAS rely on technologies that proved to be the best in their class, for protocol optimization, caching, distribution of content and streaming. These technologies enable overcome the constraints in terms of the bandwidth and delay time, inherent in TCP/IP protocols and client-server flows.

Moreover, WAAS technologies open the way to consolidate distributed servers, to manage data storage systems in a centralized way, and to provide end-users with a data center access.

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